How to Pull Off a Successful Open House

     While some are skeptical about the effectiveness of the open house in the present day and age, it remains one of the best tools to showcase a seller’s home.  It remains true that buyers are likely to start their house search online, however, there’s only one way to check out the neighborhood and that’s in person.  Holding an open house can be used to the seller’s advantage and can be a great way to get your home sold!
     As a seller of your home, it can be very hard to take a back seat to the process.  However, in the case of your home’s open house, one of the best things you can do is not be present.  Let your realtor be the representative for you and your home.  Any potential buyers that attend your open house may feel uncomfortable addressing any concerns while you’re around.  You want to encourage buyers to get down to brass tacks, because that means serious interest.
     Lots of times when planning an open house, some can get carried away with the attractions.  Booking live music or by having an elaborate food and wine spread can actually prove more distracting to those attending your open house event and will attract more casual walk throughs than you really want.  It’s best to keep minimal refreshments and finger foods, and keep in mind that you don’t want these things to stain your carpet if accidentally dropped.
     While you want to avoid going overboard with the distractions, you do want to put effort in staging your home.  People who are looking to buy a house want to imagine their lives (and their things) in your home while they’re walking through.  Getting rid of personal decorations and clearing any knick knacks or clutter around your house helps the buyer to do that.  Clear off kitchen counters of any appliances and make sure bathrooms are clear of personal toiletries.   


     Having an open house can be very beneficial to stirring interest in your property.  It’s true, you will have some casual passers by but hopefully sprinkled in with some more serious candidates. Letting your realtor sort through the guests and answer any questions they might have will save you time and stress.  They know your neighborhood and the market.  Let them do what they’re good at, selling your home!

WandaFears, Realtor ABR CRS GRI WCR

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How to Pull Off a Successful Open House
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