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Most people think that decorating only applies to the inside of their homes. When it comes to real estate this couldn’t really be any further from the truth. Ever heard the saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well, unfortunately most of us do look at the cover first. People are very visual and first impressions are everything. This is why it is important to put your best face forward. It’s Autumn and we’d like to recommend a few things you can do to beautify the exterior of your home!

It may be a little bit cliche to have all these pumpkins laying around in the front of your house but it is just a gentle reminder that Autumn/Fall is here. What’s great about craft stores is that they carry ones that are not real, so you won’t have to deal with them going bad. 
Holiday wreaths are great, but so are Fall ones. They typically consist of leaves and different twigs sometimes intertwined with different textured fabrics. These can be found readily at the store but can also be made as a fun weekend project. Incorporate things like pine cones to add more texture and shapes. 
Gardening is usually reserved for the spring, but what you don’t know is there are plants that thrive and are specific to Fall Season. Here a few suggestions.
-Plentifall Pansies (survive all through Fall and Spring)
-Confederate Rose (changes from white to pink, Summer to Autumn)
-Pitcher Plants (they keep the bugs away)
-Lillies (known for standing tall in August and September, easy to plant and grow)
Have you ever driven through a nice neighborhood to find that one house that hasn’t been properly maintained and has leaves all over the place. If that house is being sold, there is not a very high probability that someone will buy it based on how it looks from the outside. It will look sloppy and people may not even want to go inside because of the outside. Keep your grass well fed, watered and trimmed. Also, clean up all the leaves.

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