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Have you noticed that the Halloween stores are opening up earlier and earlier every year? I definitely have and it is a gentle reminder that fall is fast approaching. Next thing you know, the trees will be changing to rich oranges, reds and yellows. Thinking of redoing your home's interior? Find some inspiration based on fall colors. 

When it comes to red, less is more. In the case of the color red it is important to approach it with the upmost care because it can be a over empowering color. Despite what you may see in some of the higher end decorating magazines, too much red is not very practical especially if it is a cherry red. If you do decide to go that route, make sure to keep it to a minimum, maybe a wall or two. Then cushion the impact with a neutral color such as a white, grey or warm light brown. 
There are other types of reds that can be used like wine or a maroon version of it. These reds tend to have purple undertones and because they are darker they can be soothing while proving a stimulating visual impact. These also have to used in moderation, so basically you can only do accent walls. These reds can darker a room significantly so make sure that this is being done in a place with plenty of light and windows. 
Browns are a great way to add color to your home without having it be specific to any season and without committing to any particular trend. Browns are classic and never go out of style, most people have furniture that is made out of wood so it is easy to compliment some of the brown paint with your existing furniture. It is important to not that it is better to stick with lighter browns and maybe have one brown that is a little darker as an accent. You don’t want to use something that is too dark all over your home because this will make your space appear a lot smaller than what it really is. Another thing about dark colors to remember is that if you change your mind and want to switch back to a lighter color, it will be a lot harder to get rid of a dark color. 
Two or three versions of brown should be sufficient for your home, with the majority of the walls being painted a lighter brown. Browns are also complimentary of colors like orange and moss green. 
Yellow & Orange
Having a yellow color in a room can be a little tricky, it can make a home look old. Bold yellows can brighten up a room and help you make a colorful statement. What you should avoid is to use a yellow that is too much of a pale white, that version of yellow can look dated. With the color orange you can be a little bit more liberal, with orange you could also do an accent wall and depending on the size of your room and furniture you may be able to do a whole room in the same color. With any tone it’s important to practice moderation, some colors are more forgiving than others. Dark oranges also close up the room so it is best to stick to lighter shades. 
Technically speaking, this may be more of a Summer or Spring color, however if you use the right kind of green, meaning a green that has an earth undertone such as brown or gray, you could potentially fill a whole room with it. This color is not over empowering and it falls in the neutral category, the only problem with this tone is that you need to have the right kind of furniture and accessories. This is not very versatile when it comes to what you can do. A safe bet are furnishings that are white, black, gray and brown. 
A rule of thumb to remember with any color is that it always looks a lot darker when you paint a whole room with it, so if you go to the store and see a color that you like, just assume that it will be darker than what it seems initially. Darker colors will make a room smaller and if you have a small home or apartment it may be smarter to stick to the lighter shades to open up the room. Painting is a great way to incorporate pieces of your furniture that normally don’t stick out so pick colors that will be complimentary to what you already have or if you’re trying to do a complete one eighty then this could be a good opportunity to shop for new furniture.  

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