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Cities like Richmond seem to be growing at an exponential rate, and even though there are plenty of areas left outside of the city in which construction companies can keep building homes, there is a high demand from individuals who want to have a “city lifestyle” meaning that they are able to step outside their door and walk a couple of blocks down to, restaurants and entertainment. 


Houses in the city seem to be very expensive and hard to maintain. This is why some have opted to live in housing like condos. Condos resemble more and more to regular homes with sometimes having more than one floor and plenty of open space, something that traditionally wasn’t offered in condos before. 


So what’s the big different really? Well, you may not have as much “privacy” or “outdoor space” as you would with a traditional home. When you live in a condo community there are fees associated with the maintenance of the common areas. These are both pros and cons. The pros is that everything is little to no maintenance, everything is taken care of you. The grass sitting on the outside courtyard? Someone maintains that. Stuck in a snowstorm? The association probably makes sure that your neighborhood gets plowed. You get the idea, things that you would normally have to worry about doing yourself or hiring someone to do is most likely included in your monthly fees. The cons? Well, there won’t be as much privacy because you share outdoor areas with others or if you do have a small deck or backyard, it probably won’t be as big as what you would get with a standalone home. 

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