Easter on Parade


     One of my absolute favorite Richmond events is coming up on Sunday April, 5th!! It’s Easter on Parade!  This is so much fun to attend and participate in.  There are lots of fun activities set up along Monument Avenue, which is closed to all but foot traffic between Allen and Davis Avenues.  Lots of people set up canopy tents, picnic blankets, little tables with refreshments and food to enjoy while watching all the lovely people in Easter Sunday bonnets stroll along one of the most beautiful and historic avenues in Richmond.  If the scene wasn’t quaint enough, it is encouraged to adorn your furry friend’s head with an equally embellished and festive hat!  There’s a contest for dogs and humans alike held at 3 and 4pm.  Bring mimosas and biscuits and get some fresh spring air at one of the most fun and carefree events to attend.  You’ll be able to see Richmonders in their Sunday best and really feel emmersed in community spirit with lots of fun activities to participate in like crafts and children's activities, there will even be a petting zoo!  The event is held between 1pm and 5pm and it's free to enjoy!

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Easter on Parade
One of my absolute favorite Richmond events is coming up on Sunday April, 5th!! It’s Easter on Parade! This is so much fun to attend and participate in. There are lots of fun activities set up along Monument Avenue, which is closed to… more
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