5 Things To Prep Your Home For The Holidays


The holidays are officially here and honestly I couldn’t be more excited. Honestly, what isn’t there to love? There’s holiday parties, tons of delicious food and more importantly we get to spend time with our loved ones. Yeah, it may be a little bit cold but I think everything else makes up for it. So what are some things you should do to get your home ready for visitors and maybe even potential buyers? Here are my five things! 


Clean Up That Yard

If your residence is in Virginia, there is a high probability that if you own a home, you have a yard. There isn’t anything less appealing than a dirty or messy yard. This is especially true because of Fall, Virginia is very well known for its lucious scenery which unfortunately can bring a lot of fallen leaves and debris. 


Spruce Up Your Rooms

Even though it’s not a must, it is nice to decorate according to the season. Find a centerpiece for your main dining room table that revolves around winter and fall. Something with pinecones and maybe a candle. Put out some potpurri in your living room and maybe buy some decorative towels for your bathroom. This just creates a more inviting environment. 



Speaking of upgrading your towels, this is one of the best time to change out some of those bed spreads and pillows. Updating and modernizing your linens is not only a pleasant surprise for your guests but also for yourself. It’s an investment worth making, if you think about it, our beds is a place that most of us spend at least seven to eight hours a day so make sure it is a space that is comfortable. 



Fix Up Those Fixtures

We’ve talked about cheap ways to improve your home in the past which include changing out light fixtures or bathroom fixtures. This is a great way to give some rooms new life and is one of the quickest DIY projects that you can do that won’t cost you much!


Fine China

Do you have nice plate settings at home? Sure, it’s your family and you may not mind having mismatched plates and silverware but what can really make a dinner pop, other than cooking something delicious, is the presentation. The great thing about investing in a nice plate setting and silverware is that you’ll have an incentive to have people over for dinner more often. People do appreciate small details like a nice table setting. 


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