A Snapshot of Richmond Parks

Whether it’s a day on the lake, exercise trails, island hiking, playgrounds or dog runs, Richmond has a park for everyone.  Though this blog certainly won’t exhaust all the great parks in the area, I’m going to share a few tidbits about my favorites, especially for those considering relocating to the area.


Byrd Park

Richmond Parks and Recreation lists Byrd Park as one of the most popular parks in the area and I’d certainly agree with popular opinion.  On a warm day you can find paddle boaters or urban fishers on one of three lakes located in the 287 acre park near Richmond’s West End.  This is probably the most dog friendly park in Richmond and dog owners enjoy use of the entire park with their dog, as well as the popular dog park, Barker field, located within the grounds.



There are so many great parks and I hate to play favorites, but Maymont just might narrowly come in as my favorite park in Richmond.  It’s absolutely stunning.  To be fair, it’s both a Victorian estate and a 100 acre public park so it has a unique appeal.  Both the Japanese and Italian gardens contain jaw dropping beauty, including waterfalls and ornate urns, respectively.  It’s picturesque appeal is not lost on the hundreds of couples that use the location for wedding and engagement backdrops each year.


Belle Isle

This park is truly a Richmond treasure.  Cross a suspension bridge from downtown Richmond to an island free of modern man made structures and full of nature and historic ruins.  Take a one mile hike around the island to soak in city vistas and waterfalls in the same glance, sunbathe on granite rocks, or kayak in the Class IV Hollywood Rapids.


Libby Hill Park

Charming Libby Hill Park is one of the three original parks in the Richmond park system and the area is the spot responsible for Richmond’s name.  The portion of the river here reminded settlers of Richmond on the Thames in England.  The views continue to wow visitors today and the park boasts the best views of downtown.  


Forest Hill Park

How many parks can say they had a past life as a quarry, an estate and an amusement park?  Forest hill can! It’s also known as the best sledding hill in town.  Knock on wood, this crazy winter is over, but if we do have one more round, don’t miss a trip there.  In May through November, buy fresh, local produce at the farmer’s market and catch a Sunday concert in the summers.


Brown’s Island

Another great Richmond island park!  Though located next to Belle Isle, Brown’s Island feels like a different world and is a more structured park with benches, large open paths and an amphitheater. While Brown’s Island is well-known for its concerts and events, be sure to check it out on its own as well. It’s perfect for a morning run or a lunch escape from a busy downtown office.


Unique and amazing parks abound here in Richmond, as you can see from this brief list.  Just one of many reasons to be excited about a relocation to Richmond.  If you’re a local, let us know your favorite Richmond parks in the comments!

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A Snapshot of Richmond Parks
Whether it’s a day on the lake, exercise trails, island hiking, playgrounds or dog runs, Richmond has a park for everyone. Though this blog certainly won’t exhaust all the great parks in the area, I’m going to share a few tidbits about my favorites… more
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