May Gardening Guide


Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, we have such a lush variety of garden blooms to choose from.  Whether you are looking to spruce up your back yard, or do a little landscaping for that ever-important curb appeal, your due-diligence in the month of May will pay off!
Start With The Basics
  • Pruning and weeding.  Just a little upkeep can make your garden look professional. 
  •      Keep an eye out for pests and disease on the route around your flower beds to nip them in the bud early. 
  •      Plant those summer bulbs and transfer your fall-blooming perennials. 
  •      Make sure your garden isn’t going to get washed away from poorly place drain extenders.  They can erode your lawn, your beds, even sidewalks or foundations over time if the water is not properly displaced.  Make sure they lead away from your foundation and set large rocks where the extender lands. Small pebble stones as they don’t have enough weight to remain in place.
  • It’s not too late to fertilize for the summer.  Make sure you water in the fertilizer thoroughly.
    • Rhododendrons, Camellias, Azaleas and hollies use Rhododendron or Evergreen type plant food.  For Rhododendrons and Azaleas make sure to remove wilting seed heads so that the plant’s energy can go towards foliage growth and next year’s blooms rather than seeds.
    • Roses.  Use and all-purpose garden fertilizer (10-10-10).
    • Hydrangeas.  To produce pink flowers work lime into the soil, for blue blooms; Aluminum Sulphate.
    • Tulips or Daffodils.  Break off wilting heads, but continue to care for the plants until the foliage has died back naturally.  Old Daffodil plantings may be divided and moved when they’ve finished blooming.  Tulips can be transplanted to a cool place until the fall.
Is something still missing from your landscape?
Flowering trees are one of the smartest investments for landscaping.  They require minimum care for maximum payoff when they start blooming.  Not only do they decorate your property, they make for hearty, artful arrangements indoors as well.  While most flowering trees give off lovely scents, you’ll want to consider this when picking your tree and where to put it.
Advanced Training
  •      Sedums, or other similar fall-blooming, low water, ground cover plants will start to develop in May.  To make help the plant develop fuller foliage for stronger ground cover, pinch off stems.
  •      To get abundance out of your ground covering plants economically, plant your cuttings.  May is a great time to do that.  Sedums need soft soil.  Simply push the stem into the soil and you’ll see growth by fall.
  •      Root vegetables are starting to show first signs of foliage around this time, while your cold-weather greens like spinach are ready for a fresh spring salad.
  •      Spring is when those bunnies and other rodents start reproducing.  Protect your plants!
  •      Show no mercy to stinkbugs.  Flush them as soon as you see them and you’ll thank yourself when you place isn’t swarmed by fall.
  •      Plant summer bulbs, tubers or corms.  They will bloom in July or August if your plant your gladiolus and dahlias now.
There’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor when you see a garden full of happy blooms and fresh vegetables.  May is the best time to watch and care for plentiful blossoms of the season as they emerge.  It’s all about timing and a little practice and you’ll have perfect landscaping down in no time! 

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May Gardening Guide
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