WandaFearsBlog: Condo Living Fits a Variety of Lifestyles

Condo Living Fits a Variety of Lifestyles


Hathaway Towers is where I live and I love it!  After downsizing not too long ago, this condo has been a perfect fit to my lifestyle, however, I've learned something about condo living that I didn't realize before. It's not just for older homeowners looking to unburden themselves from a big house they no longer need.  It’s actually a great fit for many different kinds of lifestyles!

Homeowners no longer fit a particular bill.  Yes, there are still first-time home buyers, growing families, retirees—that is still all true.  But, in today’s world of customizing 'til it works, there are as many different lifestyles as there are census boxes to check!  How many working mothers and fathers do you know? How many young, career-focused professionals?  More than ever people are pursuing their passions, career or otherwise, and the Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 schedule is becoming obsolete.
With that in mind, who wants to come home to a house full of chores?  What a lot of first-time homebuyers don’t realize is that buying means you're the landlord, too.  If something goes wrong there’s no one to call on but yourself.  It takes a lot of know-how and without that, any projects or repairs can get expensive quick. While with condo-living, you are indeed responsible for what you own, there is generally a list of items and routinely scheduled maintenance that the HOA covers without the owner having to worry about it.

While still in the vein of busy, working professionals, comes the idea of moving for a job.  There are so many new jobs coming to the Greater Richmond Area it’s incredible, and part of the reason why our growing and expanding metropolis is becoming more and more a hot-spot to live, work and travel to. However, we still pride ourselves in the small town feel and Richmond is not like New York City, Atlanta or DC.  If you’re used to Big City Living, owning a condo might be a really great option for you!  You still have all the benefits of home owning like building equity, increasing property value through renovations, or even just buying in a still up-and-coming area.  You can maintain the lifestyle you’re used to while focusing on your career and don’t have to take the plunge into the major responsibilities owning a larger home can bring.

On the subject of renovation, I have recently completed renovations on my condo with the help of my very talented sister.  It is so beautiful, spacious and exactly what I need.  Recessed lighting, vaulted ceilings, modern glass shower doors, and tile work, not to mention moving a hot water heater to allow for more closet space— she did stunning work!  So don’t let the idea of owning a condominium box in your imagination.  You still OWN your property. You can paint (the inside at least) whatever color you want, customize your bathroom, upgrade your kitchen—the works.  And you don’t even have to mow the lawn! As far as I’m concerned it’s an ideal living situation!

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